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Publicado por Colegio Paseo Esmeralda Jun 3, 2019 7:53:16 PM

Paseo Business Programme

Asset 1business programme

Paseo Business Programme is an iniciative driven by Colegio Paseo Esmeralda that offers our High School students the information, experience and resources needed to discover their skills and transform themselves into successful entrepreneurships and collaborators in the business world.

It’s a two-year programme, taught entirely in English whose specific objectives are:


To encourage and improve skills such as teamwork, leadership, problem solving, effective communication, decision making among others, that are basic to stand out in the business world.



To provide the necessary knowledge about the past, present and future economic environment in the context of decision – making, not only of our country but of the world.


To promote through practice, the complete understanding of the basic economic and business concepts and their theoretical underpinnings.



To motivate students to think critically, innovatively and enterprisingly to achieve their goals.



To apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the programme in a wide variety of multidisciplinary tasks that enrich their personal training.



To promote an ethical, moral and legal vision in business that allows them to design and fulfil their objectives always based on the values that their families and school instill in them.


We focus mainly on awakening the natural curiosity of our students to micro and macro economic phenomena as well as the operation of small, medium and large enterprises by analyzing real case studies and creating from scratch their own business meeting specific parameters of creativity, organization and innovation.

With this programme, we seek to lay the foundations for our girls who are confident about themselves and their abilities to become exemplary women in all aspects of their lives.

Our mission is for your daughter to be a successful and independent woman who fulfills all the objectives that she proposes. That is why we take her education further by complementing it with certifications in the English language with Cambridge which will raise her level and give her a competitive advantage in her personal and professional life. Learn more about this:



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